Week 3 – Activity 1

8847990010_a59020c8ce_z My family constantly goes to basketball games! It’s a habit for my family to support our family and community. We go to every basketball game in Fort Dodge. Our whole family goes to the games together. For my family, it’s fun to go together because, we have a good time, have fun with friends, and enjoy the game. Most of my family plays basketball as a sport for school. Basketball is very important to my family. The past few years Fort Dodge basketball hasn’t been the best. Basketball for the middle school started about 2 weeks ago. Basketball for high school starts in about 2-3 weeks. Dodger colors are red, white, and black.

One thought on “Week 3 – Activity 1

  1. Good morning Jade, this is Mrs. Ilgunas. You wrote a wonderful post about the importance (and fun) of basketball for you and your family. I’m assuming you’re on the basketball team? Good luck!
    Your image is beautiful, but you need to add the URL or website that you borrowed it from–remember to give credit. Great post!

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