Week 6 – Visiting


Kashish is 12 years old, her blog was about her country’s favorite food. Kashish did very well explaining what the food was, but she could’ve had more facts in her blog.


Jada is 13 years old, her blog is about her favorite meal which is panini sandwiches. Jada did great explaining how to make them and explaining what they are.


Phillip is 8 years old, his blog is about summer, and what vacations his family go on. Phillip did a very great job explaining the places went.


Lauren is 8 years old. Her blog was about soccer and she did a great job explaining who was all on her team and what her favorite soccer position was.


Madison is 9 years old. Her blog is about a poem that is about Halloween. She did good with the poem. It was a short poem.


Emma is 9 years old. Her blog was a survey. She did a nice survey and I want to do one.


Brooke is 12 years old. His blog is about Halloween pranks. He put many fun prank ideas in the blog.


Morgan is 13 years old. Her blog is about going to Pennsylvania. She had many facts about the history and present time of the state.


Elizabeth is 14 years old. Her blog is about India food. She has a survey about India.


Maira is 15 years old. Her blog is about her favorite dessert. Her favorite dessert is cheese pudding, and she gives facts about it.



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